Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our good family

Jackie and I have been saying prayers with Colton every night before bed. On the rare occasion I forget, Cole is sure to remind me. "We have not said our prayers yet" he will say.

Well Cole has a stuffed bee that he calls, "be-be" and a stuffed monkey he calls "co-co." The routine is he will give me one to sleep with and he keeps the other one to sleep with himself. Then daddy, Amber, Cole, be-be and co-co say our prayers. (Callie has to stay out, she is "disturbing.")

I will go through and ask everyone what they want to pray for. Cole would usually just say his cat or something like that, but the other night he wanted to pray for something just a little different.

When Cole was asked what he wanted to pray for he said, "that we have a good family." I asked, "you want to thank Jesus for our good family?" Colton replied, "yes, thank Jesus because we have a good family."

Boy does this do good for my heart. He is such a precious boy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a good life!

We have been busy this week. I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with everyone!
A new picture of my Callie girl. I LOVE HER!
Today is Jackie's Birthday. We celebrated this weekend and had a good time. We were celebrating with Brad, his birthday is on Tuesday. We all went to Carraba's to eat. They both got a piece of birthday cake.
Cole finally agreed to take a picture with me and his daddy. I think it is a cute family!

My granny has been having severe back pain. We found out this past week that she has a compression fracture between each vertebrae. She was admitted to the nursing home on Thursday. She is there for therapy hopefully to ease her pain then she will be returning home. Grammy adores Cole. I adore this picture.
Back in the summer Uncle Trent took Cole for a ride in the cop car. Let Cole play with all the sirens and lights and the intercom. Cole really enjoyed the ride. He asked all kinds of questions and wanted to know what each button done. He really enjoyed himself!

Live is good! God has blessed us!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jackie finally gave in!

Jackie finally gave in! After 2 years of arguing with Jack & recently harassing, I finally got a doggie!
I asked on facebook if anyone knew of where I could get one and less than 2 hours later I have a doggie right in my house!
She is half (I cant spell it) - Dotson and half Boston Terrier. She is 6 months old and so cute! I always wanted a dog named Tobey. I said that it did not matter what name she went by- I would call her Tobey. The last thing I asked the lady was if she had a name, she said "yes, Callie"
COLE WANTS TO NAME EVERYTHING CALLIE! So, it was meant to be. Her name is Callie.

I love her already! ... and I think Jack secretly likes her too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Take care of the Moments!

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I have just a few pictures I would like to share.

This is Jackie's favorite gift! (Too bad I did not get a pic of him with it.)

And here is my favorite gift. Now I can convert all my old home video's from VHS to DVD! (Don't pay no mind to me I was not feeling well.)
This I believe was Cole's favorite gift. It is a red ryder BB gun. He was excited because he had just watched the Christmas story the night before!

He also got a guitar that he was pretty excited about.

The whole family shared Christmas Eve at my grandparents house. The same as we have every year for ever, even before I was born. Anyway, look how cutie my grammy and pop look! They were flirting with each other! It was the cutest thing!

The 2 cuties up there is what started this wack group! I think we all get a little crazier every year! Look how much the family has grown in the past 2 years! Jamie and Tiff were the first to get married (in November) then Ashlie and Trent were married the following May, Jack and I come next in September, then my Aunt Joyce was married in November a year after Jamie and Tiff. Kendra and AJ will be married in April. With added spouces and their children, our family will have grown 7 ppl in 2 years time! Wow how different things are than they were just 6 or 7 short years ago!

Here is my cutie little family. Look how much Jack and Cole look alike!

Oh well, all in all life is good and I am so very blessed! I have a quote today: Take care of the moments and life will take care of itself!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Family Fun

Jack and I got to go to our first Titans game this season! After the game I got my picture taken with KVB!! I was so excited! He is SO HANDSOME!

Ashlie and I went Christmas shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving. Mom was supposed to go with us, but she had just had her surgery and could not get out yet. So, Ashlie, Cole and I went shopping again with mom this past weekend. We all had a really good time and Cole that it was hilarious to pose with all the fixtures. He does not just let you take his picture often so while he was willing we were eager.

We were at The Avenue in Murfreesboro. Colton was riding on the back of this little boy's bike.

He said he wanted a picture by "Rudolph"

He was pretending to be a manikin in the women's dress shop. He told us to go outside and take his picture.

He was loving on me! I take it while I can get it!

We just thought this was a cute background.

We had a good weekend! Hopefully I will be able to start blogging more than I have in the past couple of months. We shall see!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It has been several weeks since I have blogged! Actually I got more involved in facebook and kind of left my blog behind, but I'm gonna try to do a better job of keeping up with both. There has been so much to go on! Including Cole's birthday and Jack got a job and started today!
Just ended another week with Cole. I was sad to see him go. Hopefully it wont be long and he wont have to go every week...
There is a lot to be seen this coming week. Jack and I have 2 very important appointments. And I am so thankful that I have so many wonderful people out there that are keeping us uplifted in their prayers.
I have had somewhat of a difficult past couple of weeks. Especially at this point in my life; the quote for today is also a lesson I need to learn.
And that lesson: My job is to take care of the possible and leave God to the impossible.

Friday, August 21, 2009

...and her heart grew 3 sizes that day!

This morning when I took Cole to school he jumped out of the car and waved at me all the way to the steps. He turned climbed the steps and when he reached the top he turned back around and blew me a kiss!!! Boy did that make my heart swell! What a good boy!
This past week was also his birthday, I will post more at some point this weekend!