Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our good family

Jackie and I have been saying prayers with Colton every night before bed. On the rare occasion I forget, Cole is sure to remind me. "We have not said our prayers yet" he will say.

Well Cole has a stuffed bee that he calls, "be-be" and a stuffed monkey he calls "co-co." The routine is he will give me one to sleep with and he keeps the other one to sleep with himself. Then daddy, Amber, Cole, be-be and co-co say our prayers. (Callie has to stay out, she is "disturbing.")

I will go through and ask everyone what they want to pray for. Cole would usually just say his cat or something like that, but the other night he wanted to pray for something just a little different.

When Cole was asked what he wanted to pray for he said, "that we have a good family." I asked, "you want to thank Jesus for our good family?" Colton replied, "yes, thank Jesus because we have a good family."

Boy does this do good for my heart. He is such a precious boy!

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